Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their own personal goals. We design you with an individual workout plan that is developed around the needs of our clients. This starts with an assessment to gain awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. From there we will work along side you motivating you and holding you accountable to your goals. This could be the lifestyle change that can help you gain the maximal quality of life you deserve. We pride ourselves on educating our clients daily on the most current health and fitness news. With many workout options from quick circuits, Hatha Yoga to Youbarre. We hope you give us the opportunity to boost your quality of life. Give us a call today for your consultation with Denise.

Our Clients

Have you recently had a baby? It's sometimes can be challenging to get back into the groove of fitness after having a baby. Your tired from the new demands of your little one, and it might be hard to think about leaving your infant in someone else's care just yet. How about you let us bring the class to you! Do you need a unique ideal for a fun play-date with your toddler/Child? How about inviting over some playmates and enjoying a custom Fitness class designed with or without parent interaction. Your best friend is getting married? What's a better ideal than some Yoga classes for the two of you to distress during all the wedding planning? Looking to achieve that hourglass figure or beach ready bod? How about some fun Youbarre™ classes to help sculpt you into the season? Can't quite hit that golf ball the way you use to? Let's work on your balance, strength, focus and flexibility. Want to achieve a better quality of living? Invest in you, Give yourself some customized classes to help you feel and look your best. Want to add a perk to your Company environment? Show your employee’s you care with a Barre fitness or Yoga class. Family Yoga sessions are a great way to bond as a family. Enjoy in a healthy class together share the health.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.


Private Yoga

You’ll receive personal hands-on assistance throughout the entire Class from core building to Savasana. We’ll help guide you through the poses, optimizing your alignment and refining your form.

Let us help you set goals, and tailor your workout to meet your needs. Schedule your session now to treat yourself to this deeply nourishing experience.

65 Min

(3 to 6 people)

Friends make everything better gather some together and Try a Semi-Private session.

Semi-Privates are a great way to have a more personal and tailored experience. The class size is limited to six students. By limiting this session to six, the instructor can provide more personal individual attention and tips for you to use in your practice.

These classes are great for bridal parties and healthy friend/family competitions.

65 Min

Group Yoga

Corporate Yoga is a great benefit that is being embraced by many progressive businesses.

This class offers a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. Studies show that workplace yoga helps improve concentration, decision-making skills, multi-tasking ability, alertness, and Reduce injury.

Introduce Yoga to your workplace. Give us a call for more information or to schedule a session.

30 to 60 Min Rate


Yoga is considered very beneficial for children of all ages, it's been known to help motor skills,balance,calmness, aide digestion, promote peaceful sleep, bring calmness.

Adventure Time Yoga

Are you looking to have healthy fun, bring clam, peace, flexibility, better health and balance to a child?

We proudly present Toddler / Children’s Yoga. This session is very beneficial for children of all ages. Each class is custom tailored for certain age groups and with and without parents.

50 Min Class

Pricing 4 column

Free forever for the basic stuff, magically low cost for pro features

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What is YOUBarre?

This 60 min class is a fresh blend of Yoga, Pilates, and ballet moves. The class is designed with all genders and adult's in mind. depending on your comfort level you will have options of three levels. moderate, medium and more advance levels. This specific class is designed with your overall workout in mind. from a warming stretch to a cardo workout that will make you sweat calories and build core strength. Build flexibility work on balance. This class will make you feel and look your best. Private and semi-private and corporate rates. Lifestyle will ultimately build the strong foundation on which they can build the future they deserve..

DM Fitness specialize in mobile fitness. We customize private and semi- private sessions for you and your needs. However we occasionally offer some YouBarre Fitness and Yoga classes at certain studios and locations, call for details.


30 min Stretch Class
  • $23.00 Private
  • Private Training
  • $45 Per Hour
  • Private sessions
    All Adult classes
    Family Fitness
    Mommy and Me
    Youbarre Fitness
    Hatha Yoga
  • $45.00
  • Semi-Private(2-6 people) All Adult Classes
  • $20.00 per person
  • Corporate Groups/ Daycare Groups
  • Call for more detailed rates.
  • Groups of 4+
    Mommy & Me $9.00 per family
    Adventure Time Yoga $7.00 per child
    Children's Fitness $7.00 per child
    Family Fitness $25.00 per family

    Meet Denise Maryea

    Highlighting the importance of fitness to our children and informing them how this helps maintain a healthy
    lifestyle will ultimately build the strong foundation on which they can build the future they deserve..

    • Certified Instructor

      My body is My temple. Everything we do makes an impact on Our lives. One key to your personal success is, You've got to want it for you more then I do! Now once you make that decision to want it, I will be here coaching you every single step, breathe,bead of sweat, tear, calorie along the way. I'm a huge advocate for Barre Fitness, and yoga is a personal daily practice of mine. However I am constantly opening and enhancing my life to the most recent fitness methods and healthy living and eating tips. I have children and understand that life gets busy. Being a busy parent isn't a reason to not workout and eat on the run, or not at all. It's the opposite its more of a reason to be healthy and to live a long healthy quality life. Lead by example and follow your own rules.

      Certifications and trainings

      Denise received her certified in Tampa FL for Hatha Yoga in 2007, She received her expert ratings training for personal training in 2011 and continuing ed with NASM, She was thrilled to become BarreBasic Certification in 2014. She believes in constant education and forever being a student. She states there is always new things to study and more to learn. knowledge makes results.

    Let's get talking

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